Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pillowcase Dresses

Custom made Pillowcase Dresses $20

Choose from fabric I have on hand or fabric we can order online. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Etsy Shop -- OPEN!

My Etsy Shop is now Open and ready for purchases.  I will be adding more items over the next few days so keep checking back.

Disney Autograph Clipboards

Take these clipboards with you to Disney to collect your Character autographs to bring home for your scrapbook, memorabilia box or turn them into your own personalized autograph/photo book when you get home. 

All Clipboards come with 30 4x4 white cardstock squares. 

5.25x5.25inch Scalloped Squares $10.00

1. Minnie Mouse

2. Magical Memories

3. Magical Memories

 4. Pink Princess


6 inch Round Clipboards $10.00
*I currently only have 2 Round Clipboards available. 

3 Magical Mickey's

Red/Silver Mickey

Welcome to My Craft Room

Welcome to My Craft Room!  I love to make crafts and sew.  I also fell in love with Disney on our families first trip in Nov. 2009.  I decided I needed to combine the things I loved into something that I could share with others. I also saw that some of the items I made were for sale on Etsy and that I could make my items and sell them as well.  I have come up with My Craft Room.  I am in the process of setting up an Etsy Store and will post that link soon.  The My Craft Room Blog will also serve as my website/store.  You will be able to order from either the blog or my Esty.  I have lots of great items I am going to post so check back often.  I am also able to do special orders, like the item but not the paper or fabric, we can work together to find the theme you want of most all items. 

Each item will be labeled with at least two categories.  For example the Disney Autograph clipboards will be Labeled Disney & Clipboards for easily locating the product or category you wish to look through. 

Any questions or comments please email me at

*Payment due before product will be shipped.  Shipping charges do apply.  Invoices can be sent via Paypal.